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I used to write les mis fics but I've been entrenched in school lately and I haven't been doing shit. I apologize wholeheartedly for this, but I still love all my followers, even if I'm being abnormally quiet. one day I shall return

I'm happy to accept writing prompts of any kind/pairing/au, so long as they fall in a fandom I follow! please send them to me in asks I will love you for it

I have a queue set up! if you see shit being posted and try to contact me and I don't answer it right away it is not because I'm ignoring you! more than likely I'm not actually online. my queue posts are NOT tagged for my queue. this has been a psa <3

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anon is on and I'm happy to reply to absolutely anybody c:


Grantaire gets kissed and found out (scales are a lot harder to hide than one might suspect).

Part 3 of the Ashes to Ashes series.